The beginning…

Quinta da Paródia was dreamed of for many years.

The land where it is installed today was acquired in 2011 by the company Quinta da Paródia – Educational Rural Park, Unipesssoal, Lda., Created at the same time for this purpose.

We started by cultivating the land and purchasing some animals. Our first animal was “Pretita”, a much loved Shetland pony that many children have already had the opportunity to meet and ride at one of the birthday parties we held. Pretita meanwhile gave us three puppies (Guapita, Ícaro and Lolita) and is also the grandmother of our Poppy (daughter of Ícaro and Lyria).

In addition to the ponies, we also have a donkey, cows, goats, sheep, piglets, rabbits, geese, ducks and chickens.

It took a few years for us to be able to design our project and see our application for PRORURAL + approved, through the “European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development – Europe invests in rural areas”. Thanks to this support, it is possible to create conditions to open our farm to the public in order to offer educational recreation and entertainment services and agrifood products produced on the farm in accordance with the concepts of organic farming. With this support, it is also possible to recover and make a building, forestry and agricultural, of recognized aesthetic, landscape, social and cultural value, located in the northern area of ​​Rosario, visitable. This area is characterized by the rural reparcelling with high stone walls and stony compartmentalisations of the soils built in the past to protect cultures, thus contributing to the promotion of the cultural and historical identity of the place.

We are still in the investment phase, but soon we will be in a position to open our store and offer more activities in addition to the birthday parties we started hosting in September last year.

We are very happy to be getting closer and closer to the day when we will finally be able to share this dream of ours with all those who want to visit us!


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