Our mascots…

Those who follows us on social media or visited our website, should already know the image of our logo with the five characters we created to represent our farm.

These characters are: a pony, a pig, an ox, a sheep and a rabbit. The way they are dressed and equipped aims to represent the main themes and content to be addressed during the edutainment activities that we want to promote.


The sports pony represents physical exercise and aims to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity, namely outdoors, for health.

The artisan pig appears dressed in overalls, with a handsaw and a paint roller in his hands, in order to represent manual works (which can even be used for recycling materials, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment).

The bull is the agricultural producer that offers us food produced in a healthy way, according to the principles of organic farming (thats why the ladybug on´the lettuce).

The sheep is a cooker and represents food-making activities and aims to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating.

Finally, the explorer rabbit, with its magnifying glass, represents contact with nature and discovery.

Therefore, cultivating, cooking, playing, exercising and exploring nature are the central activities of the programs that we will promote, especially among the little ones.

These activities allow the acquisition of very important and useful skills and knowledge for life and Quinta da Paródia aims to be a space where such knowledge and skills can be acquired in a playful and fun way!




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